Design, Planning and Management of Smart Grids

  • Design, Planning and Management of Smart Grids
  • AC and DC Distribution and Transmission System Planning and Operation
  • Modeling and Forecasting in Smart Grids
  • Soft-Computing, Data Mining and Decision-Making Methods for Smart Grids
  • Smart Grid Network Optimization

Smart Gird Related Software’s

Smart Transmission and Distribution

  • Asset Management, Reliability, Security and Risk Assessment in Smart Distribution and Transmission Systems
  • Phasor Measurement Units (PMU)
  • AC And DC Distribution and Transmission System

Smart Grid Infrastructure and Networks

  • Architectures and Models for the Smart Grid
  • Innovative Metering And Measuring Systems,Smart Sensors and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • Smart Grid Network Vulnerability and Security
  • IT Infrastructure,Enterprise Energy Management/Green IT
  • Wired and Wireless Communications, Information Systems and OpticalĀ  Technologies Supporting The Smart Grid
  • Smart Grid Devices, Standards, Grid Codes and Interoperability
  • Smart Grid Cyber Security and Resilience
  • Cyber and Physical Security Systems and Information and Communication Technology (Intelligent Monitoring and Outage Management)
  • Smart Grid Network and Service Management
  • Smart Grid Regulation and Standards

Smart Grid Control

  • Control Methodologies in Smart Grids
  • Modern Control & Distributed SCADA
  • Intelligent Control Systems for Smart Grids
  • Intelligent Monitoring and Outage Management
  • Multi-Agent Systems for Smart Grids
  • Sensor/Actuator Networks for Fault Detection and Isolation in Smart Grid
  • Wide Area Protection, Communication and Control in Energy Systems
  • Control of Power Electronic Converters
  • Wide-Area Monitoring, Control and Protection (WAMPAC)
  • Smart Sensors and Remote Measurement and Monitoring Systems for Smart Grids
  • Smart Grid Automation

Smart Grid Protection

  • Diagnosis and Prognostics in Smart Grids
  • Substation Automation and Protection
  • Wide-Area Monitoring, Control and Protection (WAMPAC)
  • Protection and Phasor Measurement Unit Applications
  • PMUs and Wide Area Monitoring and Protection in Energy Systems
  • Adaptive, Self-Healing and Intelligent Protection in Smart Grids

Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Sources

  • Distributed Generation, Microgrids, Renewables and Energy Storage Systems
  • Physical and Electrical Interconnections Between Utility and Distributed Generation
  • Impact of Smart Grid on Distributed Energy Resources (Electric Cars, Demand Response, Distributed Generation, Storage)
  • Virtual Power Plants
  • Renewable Energy/Green Grid/Clean Grid
  • Applications and Utilization of Power Electronics and Diagnostics in Smart Grid
  • Applications of Distributed Generation to Isolated Areas
  • Energy and Distribution Management, Efficiency and End User Benefits

Demand Response/Smart Home

  • Emerging Smart Home Applications
  • Home Energy Management
  • Data and Personal Privacy
  • Demand Side Management and Energy Saving
  • Home Area Network (HAN) Device Communication,Measurement, and Control
  • Energy Management Systems (With Applications to Smart Buildings and Home Automation)
  • Smart/Virtual Metering, Demand Response, Dynamic Pricing

Electric Vehicles in Smart Grid

  • Electric Cars and the Grid
  • Grid Solutions for Plug-In Electric Vehicles and Low-Carbon Transport
  • Interconnections and Communications of Electric Vehicles and Smart Grids